Knit 'n' Sew Studio



  • No exams... no pressure... work at your own pace... 


  • Learn a lifelong skill and hobby in our educational fashionable classes, and have a lot of fun along the way !! 


  • See your child's confidence grow as they develop their creative skills with our step-by-step lessons, starting with using a real Janome sewing machine from the very first lesson.

    Welcome to...

Weekly or casual class options:

1)   a single lesson 1 hour 15 mins.

2)  10 x 1 hour 15 mins weekly (12.5 hrs total).

3)  6 x 2 hour weekly (12.5 hrs total, final week is 2 hr 30 mins)

4)  a single 2 hour session.

5)  a single 3 hours session.



  • Lessons are held in my Home Studio in Turramurra, on the north shore of Sydney.

  • Mob: 0403 772944


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